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Tourism sector doubles wages in Vlora, nearly 600 foreigners are currently employed

Although the tourism sector is increasing payments, the labor shortage is driving demand towards foreigners. However, according to the head of tourism operators for the south, the Albanian youth remain in focus.

“I hope that the information that we are giving every day on social networks or the media, that those who are without work, will receive the right information that the employment conditions are not the same as two or four years ago, but they are very good, salaries have almost doubled, working conditions have become more comfortable, there is no minimum wage anymore,” said Vasil Bedinaj. The manager of one of the city’s hotel structures indicates that the staff are employed year-round, but in the summer season the influx requires an increase in the workforce.

“We are open not only for Vlora but for all of Albania to have qualified people and to have a workforce. But taking into account the flight and emigration that has been happening a lot recently, we are also looking for foreigners,” said the manager, Jetmir Shabani.

582 foreign citizens employed in Vlora 300 Italians 70 Turks 30 Indians 30 Poles 20 Kosovars 20 Americans Source: Labor Office in Vlora In some entities, foreigners from countries like Bangladesh or Nepal have come as employees to find the possibility of moving to Europe, and for this reason, businesses have already focused on the workforce in the Philippines or Bali, while they ask the Albanian state to simplify the procedures.

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