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Spartak Ngjela: What is hidden behind the arrival of the DEA in Tirana?

Lawyer Spartak Ngjela has commented in the studio of Euronea Albania, the announcement of the US embassy about the opening of the hotline for signaling Albanian citizens with the DEA.

Ngjela considered this as an action by the Americans to collect evidence of corruption and organized crime. According to the lawyer, the US has all the information on the crimes in Albania through CIA intercepts, but now it wants the process to go to court and it needs evidence.

“The Americans have it all, but they don’t have it based on evidence, but they have it from the secret services. This will give Albanians the opportunity to create a new opinion about the state, as they are all pessimistic about the rule that has been made by corruption and organized crime. They require live sources, not intercepts. What do you secret police know? Giant clothes, but they do politics with them. This shows that they know the truth but want to go to court. In general, I think so. It is a new movement against organized crime and corruption. This practice has been followed in the Aletes, what America has removed with them. Corruption has been and remains a world disease, only the West has washed its accounts and does not consider corruption a phenomenon, but a crime like all the others”, said Ngjela.

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